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Are you interested in studying Fine Art or Design?

Visit us for our first OPEN DAY in 2017 this Saturday (28-01)!

While current students will show you around and answer your questions, you’ll get the chance to meet our staff and visit our working spaces and studios.
Cross borders between Design and Fine Art, get a taste of the atmosphere and feel free to join our discussions anytime!

During the day a range of presentations will be held to provide you with further information on our programme and how to apply:

11.00h Design – Body/Object/Material – 2nd floor
11.30h Fine Arts – Tuinkamer
12.00h Propedeuse – MAFAD office
12.30h Polis - Tuinkamer
13.00h Design – Body/Object/Material – 2nd floor
14.00h Fine Arts – Tuinkamer



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